Safe and secure way to earn interest on your cryptocurrency

WhaleLend is the safe and secure way to earn interest on your cryptocurrency

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Hello hunters! WhaleLend 🐋 is a company dedicated to becoming a long-term, leading player in the cryptocurrency community. The product is aimed towards individuals or institutions looking to earn passive income on their cryptocurrency assets, which may be sitting idle in their wallets. It is also perfect for investors looking to earn returns from the cryptocurrency market, who do not want to take the risks that come with buying cryptocurrencies directly. WhaleLend deploys capital to the lending markets in cryptocurrency markets, which traders can borrow. Interest is then paid on the borrowed capital. It is an advantageous situation for WhaleLend users, as their capital is protected even if the cryptocurrency traders lose everything. Your investments through WhaleLend are known as “collateral” in financial trading, and remain safe, thanks to a mechanism known as “margin lending.” Let me know your thoughts and give us feedback in the comments below. 😃
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I will take a look, sounds interesting. If anyone need a refer : https://whalelend.com/sign-up-an...
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Hi, Question. I was looking at the rates page, says for example BTC is 0.01% Is this 0.01% the rate of return? In the BTC example here : (*Just for clarification and assuming the markets dont move). If I invested $100, I would be getting back 1$ in profits? Is that return paid Daily, Monthly, Yearly?
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@new_user_670577dad1 The rate we quote are Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which changes from min to min and the variance is very large. BTC rate has been fluctuating up and down between near 0% to 30% per year in the past couple of month. Regarding the returns, it is not simple since the rates move so much. We wrote a blog on this if you are interested in reading more: https://whalelend.com/how-much-c... The interest is paid out to users once every 24 hours.

If you have cryptos, this is pretty much a no-brainer to use.


Easy interest for cryptos


Difficult to find exact explanation how the thing works.

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And pls join our Telegram communities if you have any questions. :) https://t.me/WhaleLendOfficial
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