Stop updating your portfolio each time you trade crypto

If you have ever wondered how your cryptocurrency portfolio stacks up against a Whale then our app is for you. Visually compare your portfolio represented by a creature in relation to the Whale.

Your portfolio is then always in sync with the blockchain and your exchange accounts.

Our app is 100% FREE.

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very cool app :) But I cant delete a wallet or an exchange account - is it possible in the latest version? And the moon button on the right up corner doesnt work where I can change the theme (on iOS). Looking forward to new features, anything planned yet?
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@timischr you should be able to delete wallet, exchange account in the "Edit Wallet" or "edit Api" screens. Tap on your account when in the screen and the delete option should come up. We had the functionality to change theme by tapping the moon but we took this out. You can change the theme in the drop down menu however. Will add this back in for the next release. I have a backlog of items for the next update. Somethings we will do are different language support, updated creatures, QR code scanning ability, hot tips to guide users. The app should also see a significant performance upgrade. Appreciate the feedback!
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Looks beautifully designed, @ly_wei :) Are you planning on adding ways to buy different cryptocurrencies right from the app?
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@amrith in the future we hope to be able to get enough users on the platform to provide more advanced features. Before buying/selling crypto we would most likely look to provide secure wallet functionality first. Only then would we facilitate the buying/selling of crypto. Security in a crypto platform must come first!
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This is a really cool tracker. Finally, something I can use easily n not stress.
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Nice, clean interface! Does this track % increase/decrease of your holdings over time?