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Hi guys - founder and COO of Whalar here. We use Instagram influencer marketing extensively across a number of our brands (mainly in the fashion and travel space). In spite of all the tools available, we found influencer campaigns to be time consuming, often a bit unprofessional and certainly not at all scalable....we knew there had to be a better way! So we decided to build our own tool. Would love to get your feedback.
@nikocroskery lots of new players in the influencer marketing space. are you finding good uptake with brands or their agencies?
@taylorhou thanks for your message. We've only just launched today, but we've been absolutely taken back with the response from both brands and agencies. I think building the platform from a brand/agency perspective (having been involved with a number of brands and agencies all who have heavily used influencer marketing in the past) has allowed us to build a product that addresses the pain points of influencer marketing.
@nikocroskery What are Whalar's plans to differentiate from Popular Pays and the like? Have you found room for innovation and improvement that they have yet to capitalize on or tackle?
@stillupmysleeve Thanks for your message. We tried pretty much every platform out there as a brand and we were not happy with any of them. The way Whalar is set up is a direct result of a) the ideal platform that we wanted to run influencer marketing campaigns ourselves and b) feedback from large number of brands and agencies we have interviewed over the past six months about what it is they want in a tool. A few specific differences - 1. our platform is focused primarily on quality of content over just 'stats'. If someone has 1million followers but terrible content, they are not on our platform 2. one aspect of our platform is 'content creation only'. If you are a brand that is looking for content for your own marketing materials you can use our platform to find skilled content creators to create it. 3. one of the most frustrating things about other platforms (as a brand) was that you had hundreds of low quality influencers messaging you, and you had to sort through a deluge of messages to find influencers you actually wanted to work with. Whalar is set up so that Influencers can only contact a brand once a brand has invited them to participate in a campaign. 4. We also have an innovation team constantly working on new features and tools, and have a long list of additional features which are in the works - happy to let you know about some of them if you flick me an email. Cheers
@nikocroskery fantastic! As a content creator, I'm elated to hear that you're relying upon quality of content in lieu of statistics. Far too many of us creatives suffer from low engagement, but produce incredible work, thus eliminating us from the pool of potential candidates for a campaign. Example? I only have roughly 33k followers (@stillupmysleeve on Instagram) and see lower than typical engagement, but have been approached by organizations to produce content for their brand's social platforms and they have been quite pleased with the work/deliverables. I'm hoping Whalar eliminates the friction between organization and creator. 'Cold emails', if you will, to invite an organization to dive into a potential partnership or initiate a campaign can be daunting and typically results in unnecessary hesitation from both parties. Thanks for the reply & clarity. If you need any feedback input from influencers, don't hesitate to email me! Best of luck, Niko! Cheers!