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#2 Product of the DayJuly 27, 2015
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Looks like there is a error. 502 Bad Gateway
@akshay2104 Edit: It's resolved! 😃
@nicolasvh @akshay2104 sorry about that! The servers got overloaded but we fixed it :)
@akshay2104 sounds like a perfect excuse to me
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Happy Monday, Product Hunt. 😉
@rrhoover glad you enjoyed the humor! ;)
I wrote a blog post about why I made this -
May I add to that list "Woke up to a battlefield as my cat pooed all over the flat this night"? (Happened to me last week and was a reason to work from home!)
@christinang89 Hi Christina, It seems your app is down :(. I'm getting a 502 Bad Gateway error.
@felixog_ sorry! It seems that the servers were overloaded but we fixed it! :)
Thanks for the support guys! It was a huge surprise to wake up to overloaded servers and being featured on PH. We have fixed the server issue and will continue to monitor :) hope the site chased away your Monday blues ;)
Very addictive. Job well done :-)
@samatrouh thank you! i did notice user engagement to be extremely high.. as of last night, the dropoff came only after ~ 10 votes. i'll dig more into the data to see if that has changed this morning :)