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I'm proud to hunt WeVue, another member of the Tampa Bay WaVE program. I've watched WeVue pivot from a direct to consumer app to what it is now--an amazing way for teams to communicate and to promote corporate culture from within.
Hi @saxonemanuel and @taywall! WeVue is a completely different product from 2 years ago, tell us more about your pivot and how current clients are using it to generate measurable engagement? I take it the ROI is lower turnover, better buy in to initiatives and it's a fun way to document your company history. Any other benefits you want to highlight? Any integrations? @bentossell How'd I do question wise? 😻
@vbarnett323 @bentossell Hello and thank you for checking out WeVue! We pivoted about a year ago from a consumer photo and video sharing app to an enterprise app because we saw a massive opportunity in employee engagement, company culture, and employer branding. We had a lot of people using our app for their internal business events so that is what we started with. We have since, become the place for all things culture. In terms of benefits we really look at three KPI's, retention year over year of talent, increase in quality and quantity of candidates, and employee engagement around the app. We have seen that these three variables can be measured well and we can effectively help companies with these challenges. Integrations are the next piece on our product roadmap. Being able to integrate with current intranets and internal systems is our goal. We want to be the "pipes" to get content into employees workflow, we are not trying to replace current systems but rather work with them.
@saxonemanuel @bentossell Thanks Saxon! Employee turnover is such a huge expense ($12K-$35K per seat on average) that it is so worth investing in culture and retention efforts from day one! Good luck on your hunt.
We just started Implementing @Wevue at the Tampa Innovation Alliance and found that our members from the Technical to the Non-Technical were able to pick it up and run with it really Quickly. Capturing the true stories of Innovation is not often easy, WeVue is helping us to take many individuals and help us tell the story of Tampa @tampainnovation
Loving the update @taywall, looks like you guys made a ton of great progress since the last time we spoke.