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They should have done WeMarry before WeVorce. They could have get a strong user base that would have use WeVorce a few years later.
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I was a customer of this service last year through my divorce. It's too bad that @simonatpaddle laughed at this, since what @rrhoover and @riaface said is true: divorce is a thorny issue to navigate, and the entire system is setup to be adversarial, rather than collaborative, even if you want to be. Wevorce isn't perfect, and they're still a very new service, but the premise and the promise is actually very useful and productive as far as society goes. If more marriages could be ended amicably and in good faith, it would reduce a lot of unnecessary stress in the world. For about half the cost of divorce attorneys (which cost anywhere from $10K-$500K depending on the litigiousness of the divorcees), you're walked through the entire arbitration process collaboratively, and then they take care of all of the filings and paperwork. I wouldn't say that I'm out of the woods yet (it takes another 6 months for the courts to process a divorce in California), but I'm personally so glad that my ex and I didn't drag each other through the mud with lawyers that neither one of us could afford.
Thanks @chrismessina, it's great to hear from someone who's used Wevorce. I actually think it's pretty brave of the makers to try and innovate in this space; there must be so many legal loopholes to jump through, and I think they will get people thinking it's gimmicky or reacting negatively. I'm glad you've found them helpful, though I'm sorry you required them. I definitely think it's positive that they're making a difficult time slightly less difficult.
@simonatpaddle you laugh but Wevorce is potentially very helpful for those going through a divorce.
@simonatpaddle @rrhoover Completely agree - I think this is a genuinely valuable service. Divorce is never a nice experience for those involved, even if it's amicable, so any service that seeks to make it easier is good in my book.
I'm actually very impressed that this exists. Any chance we could get any makers from the team on here? Feels like a good name too
@riaface @rrhoover I didn't intend the lol to be so much at the expense of the Wevorce (and myself in the end :) It's more just the notion of us doing anything in order not to have any natural discourse with a person you have partnered with. If it's a step back to earth from a meeting room with lawyers in a big building then yeah obviously good stuff. BUT, what if this makes it soooo easy to divorce that we just start rolling em out :)