WeTransfer Moment

A moment to relax with every new tab

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Whenever you open a new tab, you’ll be greeted with a full-screen image from one of the amazing creatives WeTransfer showcases on WeTransfer.com at that time. From artists and designers to photographers, illustrators and more :) @Nalden can tell you more!
Pretty random from WeTransfer
@bentossell I can imagine it looks random hahaha however we've been promoting work from the creative community since day 1. Our blog 'This Works' shows the stories behind the wallpapers we feature on WeTransfer.com and now this chrome extension; https://wetransfer.com/thisworks/ Can't wait to show you the upcoming product launches of our web service and Mac App too ;)
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@nalden haha ok!! I take it back 😛
@nalden just needs a tiny bit more 'smarts' like Momentum has :)
@tony_anastasi In time, we might. This is just a snack. I get really excited about what's coming next ;)
Ohhhh man this could bump out momentum as my default chrome extension
This is a great product!