WeTransfer for iOS

Organize, share and express your ideas.

WeTransfer for iOS is re-imagined, rebuilt and re-launched. Use the app to create a mood board for a client, inspire the wedding of your dreams, compose a storyboard for a video, or plan your business year.

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Hi! Let us know if you have questions :)
@samuelbeek I use WeTransfer on iOS almost everyweek because today who wants to use a cable to transfer big files right ? It's Also the best way to keep High def videos filmed from an iphone, all the other apps just compress it. I'm looking forward to this powerfull update !I also like to edit my movie on iphone apps while traveling. I shoot on a camera, send videos to wetransfer to catch them back to my iphone. Thanking the cloud ^^ I love the simplicity of the app and I'm clearly asking everyone that want to send me videos to download this app. I have one killer question : When are you planning to natively download content from an wetransfer app ? I have paid a 5€ App called WeDownload to be able to seemlessly download wetransfer url's (photos and videos) straight to my camera roll. You know what's the best part ? I believe it's the best app I bought so far. Congrats to the team ! Don't stop the great work !
@benjmerritt I'm happy to tell you that we are supporting the downloading of Transfers in this app. They will be added as boards and you can view and download all the content. Curious what you think :).
Great app by great people! It's been on my phone for a while and I love using it to save my favorite recipes and make travel plans.
This is a genius innovation - using WeTransfer as a collaboration tool! Definitely going to come in handy for my next group project 👍🏽
@abadesi Thank you 🙂
The app is far different than the WeTransfer file sharing site people know of. Curious to hear how this project got started and also why you didn't go with a different name for the app considering it's so unique from the brand people know.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan, thanks for the questions! On the web we solve a problem thats a pain for people in a very simple way. The problem of working with big files doesn't really exist on mobile, so it would not make sense to work on that. Instead, we did research on how our users (mostly creatives) use mobile and where they found struggles. We found out that people use the platform for content creation and inspiration, but that these things always happen inside certain apps. Images are in Instagram, videos are in youtube: they're all silos and there's no way to combine them. We think that can be very powerful: to tell a story, convey an idea, plan a dinnerparty, etcetera. We didn't go for a different name because we felt like this is where want to go with web as well. WeTransfer should help you share creative ideas and thats what both the website and the app do. They're also integrated (you can open boards on the web and you can open transfers in the web) and we will improve that in the future. Does this answer your questions? :)
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