WeTransfer.com is a platform for sharing files. It uses drag and drop interface, so you can drag your files to upload them and after that to share them with whom you need to. If you need to go over 2GB, you have to get WeTransfer Plus and it unlocks even more cool features and security for your files!

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Is this supposed to be news?
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@visavis_kid yeah right! 😄
@tpbtv @visavis_kid I've used this for at least 2 years.
@visavis_kid Yes it is Ed. We've completely re-built the service from scratch and we're really proud with the result. However, this is just day 1. From here we can add new features faster and go next level :)
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Do you now allow the use of curl or wget to make wetransfer downloads easier using the command line?
@louisrouffineau Hi Louis, yeah, that's coming too! Early Feb I believe.
@nalden awesome, can't wait!
Great product. I like it. Bright and useful. Love idea with art on background.
@dimablover Thanks Dima! The backgrounds are both ads (that we'll try to make look nice and editorial images that we curate.)
@nalden It would be great to see a side-by-side comparison with competitors (competitors?!) such as Droplr, Dropshare, Jumpshare, Minbox, &c.
Nalden, Congrats for the redesign and launch of "We"! It's a product that I use at least 10 times a month. I was happy to hear your story with the early days of Wetransfer at the Eyes event in Amsterdam 2014.
@denistodirica Awesome! Thanks Denis! ✌️
How can something so simple, be so.... Beautiful. 😢