On-demand, affordable personal trainers

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This seems to have a lot of upvotes from accounts with 0 follows or followers and generic looking photos. Don't let the bots ruin things
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@andrewallsop obviously - I wonder if there is an agency using bots to also push producthunts systematical. Like those bad SEO agencies still using mass directory submits - even today.
WeTrain is my favorite product/service I use. I kept telling myself I was "too busy" to train. I'd never even considered a personal trainer due to what I perceived is high cost. Enter WeTrain -- with the click of a button a great trainer was at my door in <15 minutes. 30 minutes and ~$20 later, I'd had the best work out I'd had in ages. The quality of training and price point are amazing.
@jeffrey_ellington Ugh.. The copywriting is strong with this one. at least try to make it sound like it's not marketing talk.
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My personal opinion is to ride the live streaming video trend and connect trainers with athletes via a mobile/tablet camera. Could work for workouts, cycling, yoga, pilates, meditation, boxing and cross fit classes. Trainers use the camera to provide live feedback as athletes watch the class and other athletes participating for inspiration. If an athlete signs up for a trainer, give them access to a messaging section for ongoing dialogue about their fitness and form a closer relationship in the process. Even provide past classes for users signed up to trainers for free to strengthen your content database.
@ariehmovtady I've considered this before but ran into issues about wether or not people will have a screen large enough to work out in front of that can stream the content.
I fell in love with the idea of an on-demand and affordable personal trainer from the moment I heard rumblings coming out of Philadelphia. When I heard the company's co-founder and COO, Zach Hertzel was a flight medic in the Army, I knew why they were well-positioned to change the game of personal fitness.
@mslagh How exactly does army medical experience gear you up for a digital on-demand service marketplace? Sounds like an authority pitfall to me here, or a sales lingo issue. These marketplaces and services have been tried numerous times and all break at one point "affordable"+"mass market" as there is no way that on a free market any entity will offer their service below price expectation. The landing page already displays a huge semantic contradiction: "We work closely with top trainers to bring you the lowest prices." -> 500px to the right "Our trainers earn up to 2.0x the national average to ensure that we attract top talent!" o0
@andmitsch @mslagh After leaving the Army, Zach Hertzel became a Master Trainer and was selling ~$10k of personal training services a month at a leading gym (but only keeping a fraction due to the gym-trainer relationship). Guy can deliver the results in training + book sessions. He's a perfect founder for this company. In terms of low price + 2x earnings, eliminating the huge overhead of gym is what allows this to happen. No authority pitfall :-)
@jeffrey_ellington @MSlagh You two sound a lot like reusing some predefined sales snippets. Like trying to link specific keywords with "Zach Hertzel" in a very blatant way. I wish you a joyful and informative experience with this and I hope you dig into the numerous predecessors of yours and do not fall victim to deem "affordability" a strong pain-point and decision-influencer for the casual/ambitioned fitness goer and instead pivot a lot. If you'd target a premium market, this would be a totally different thing, but with using affordability as the prime distribution USP this is targeting a very unpredictable and unstable audience.
PH is becoming more of an infomercial site every day
I can barely tell all of these positive comments are written by copywriters.