On-demand, affordable personal trainers


Andrew Allsop
@andrewallsop · Head of Growth, Formisimo
This seems to have a lot of upvotes from accounts with 0 follows or followers and generic looking photos. Don't let the bots ruin things
Jeffrey Ellington
@jeffrey_ellington · Partner, Dorm Room Fund
WeTrain is my favorite product/service I use. I kept telling myself I was "too busy" to train. I'd never even considered a personal trainer due to what I perceived is high cost. Enter WeTrain -- with the click of a button a great trainer was at my door in <15 minutes. 30 minutes and ~$20 later, I'd had the best work out I'd had in ages. The quality of tra… See more
Arieh Movtady
@ariehmovtady · CEO of Taylo (Beta)
My personal opinion is to ride the live streaming video trend and connect trainers with athletes via a mobile/tablet camera. Could work for workouts, cycling, yoga, pilates, meditation, boxing and cross fit classes. Trainers use the camera to provide live feedback as athletes watch the class and other athletes participating for inspiration. If an athlete sig… See more
Mike Slagh
@mslagh · Help tech companies hire veterans
I fell in love with the idea of an on-demand and affordable personal trainer from the moment I heard rumblings coming out of Philadelphia. When I heard the company's co-founder and COO, Zach Hertzel was a flight medic in the Army, I knew why they were well-positioned to change the game of personal fitness.
Rich Smith
I can barely tell all of these positive comments are written by copywriters.