All in one social media tool for political campaigns

WeSupporter is an SaaS product for politicians to streamline the process of
- Recruiting social media volunteers
- Creating, curating, distributing and amplifying content with the help of volunteers
- Measure volunteer's contributions and reward them
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Is there a way i can use this tool to find potential social media volunteers for campaign?
Hi @saran_dev, Yes this have a dashboard which lists social media accounts which are potential to become your campaign troop.
Hello, Everyone 🤩👋 My name is RG Moorthy and I'm the Co-founder of WeSupporter. Today we are very much excited to announce the launch of WeSupporter! 🚀 - WeSupporter is a SAAS based, All in One Social Media Tool for Political Campaigns. WeSupporter helps politicians to manage online campaigns by streamlining the process of creating, curating and distributing their message via social media with the help of their volunteers. Features:- ✅Onboarding the Volunteers ✅Volunteers Collaboration ✅Content Distribution ✅Fight against fake news ✅Report Abusers ✅Tracking & Rewards. For more details, visit : http://wesupporter.com 🔥 If you guys have any questions, suggestion feel free to reach us at hello@wesupporter.com😊 Happy to help!
Can i create custom workflow in content creation?
@prakash_muthusamy1 : yes, you can create custom workflow from content creating, curating to publishing and give access control to each different roles .
Is there any rewards system in this tool, to reward best contributors?
@muthukumar_gopal Hi, You can create custom reward points based on contributions and contribution points. And we have API for same to issue reward based on points. Ex. Converting points to currency etc.
Excellent to see this Adal and team. All the best!
@santoshpanda Thanks Santosh, This is not possible without your guidance.