Create amazing split photos with anyone in the world

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Hello Product Hunters! After exiting from my previous startup and moving to the Silicon Valley, I was having many adventures, but felt disconnected from family and friends. I came up with the idea to create things with anyone in the world that will last forever. We've been building WeSnap to make this idea a reality and we're launching today, so excited! We'll be live streaming our launch party and answering your questions. Hope you like it!
@goceli Gokhan, i am impressed about the idea (tebrikler!!)
@ozguralaz thanks! (Eyv)
Your landing page is really great... Except it is all video, which you don't do yet, so kind of misleading. Looks like Selvie (also hunted today) is doing split screen video. Video is obviously hot right now, but a lot less effort to just do the split screen photos... Will be curious to see both platforms grow...
Congrats on the launch @goceli! I already got some inspiration from the phone streams. The interesting part is that you never know what others will match your half photo. Many possibilities/creativities...
@wanghq thanks! I believe that is the most interesting part. You inspire someone with your photo and the result is so creative!
Great products are telling stories. Love this one! Can't wait for the video. I wonder how your users will play with it - how motivate them to actually create the content you are expecting from them? Is it public when you create a snap?
@sophiemasure yeap! They are all public atm.
Big fan of @goceli and WeSnap. Great work!