Bounties on questions that drive public curiosity



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David CarpeΒ β€” Thinker & Layabout
hmm, you effectively rake 15 percent, plus another 10 percent since you are doing most of the asking - you also control all "asking" and offer zero biographical information about the people behind the site and the specific profiles of the "askers" - you then seek financial contributions in light of all of the glaring omissions

does that about sum it up? otherwise a great idea - just bring in some transparency, including detailed profiles of those "askers" - and make it clear in each campaign that you currently take 15-25 percent (or possibly all) of the bounty, and you've got yourself a project!
Tom MasieroΒ β€” GM of LaunchBit
Really digging what @paxdickinson and Chuck Johnson have brewing. Especially after this Gawker / Hogan / Thiel drama.
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