Werewolf for Telegram

Play Werewolf on Telegram with your friends!

Was just talking to @ryan about this at FOO Camp (where Werewolf is a perennial staple). I got to play One Night Ultimate Werewolf, which includes an app, and we were talking about how there should be a classic Werewolf bot. Of course, thank you internet, one already existed! Commands: /start - PM the bot the first time you play with this command /startgame - starts a new game /startchaos - starts a new game in chaos mode /join - join the current game (if it's not already running!) /players - view a list of who is currently playing, who's dead, and the roles of the dead. /forcestart - starts the game while in the joining period, if you are sure no one else will join. (Admin command only) /flee - drop from the game. If the game is running already (mid game), you will be killed. /setlang - group admin command, sets the language for the group /version - shows the build version and time /changelog - shows the latest changes to the bot
I think we're going to see a lot more games and interactive fiction like this coming.
Odd feeling searching the internet for your bot to see what people are saying, and finding it on this site. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know Also, those commands are highly outdated now, and the bot has recently gone open source.