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Micha Hernandez v L.Maker@mies · CEO, wercker
This is the preview release of the wercker API which allows you to integrate with the wercker platform. We're very excited about what developers can build on top of the API! In particular we'd love to see client libraries for programming languages and notifier applications. You can read more about the API, how to get started and endpoints on our devcenter: http://devcenter.wercker.com/api/
kurt braget@kurtybot · developer, entrepreneur
Hey Micha, I went to Wercker but I couldn't even figure out what it is. Maybe I'm a newb, and just didn't hear of it... but I checked on a few pages and couldn't figure it out. What is Wercker?
Micha Hernandez v L.Maker@mies · CEO, wercker
@kurtybot hi! Wercker is a tool and service for automatically building, testing and delivering your applications in the modern world of containers and microservices. We have a command line interface for running your development environment locally (and your builds!) and a web service for when you are working with others! Hope this help, feel free to ask my any questions.
kurt braget@kurtybot · developer, entrepreneur
Thanks! Will check it out :D