E-mail that puts people first (Android)

Love the IM approach, really believe this is where email is going. Looks like it shares some similarities with Google Inbox, other than the voice feature, how does WeMail differ?
I've used WeMail a lot. And honestly I wasn't a fan till they added the voice feature. It was good don't get me wrong! Good design....speedy. But not enough to convert me from the gmail app! But now with the most recent update with the voice feature. It Turns email into Voicemails. Which doesn't sound particularly exciting till your try! It's super efficient to use, especially when I'm busy so I recommend you check it out!
@erikfinman email to voicemail sounds really interesting. Let's say you have 5 new messages, can you play them back all 5 in a row by clicking one button? Also, why no iPhone ?
It's only on Android so I can't try it. But I did try Hop on iOS which is the same general concept: sort by person. Hop has worse design and is not as well-executed, but I realized there were fundamental issues with people-sorted vs. thread-sorted that caused it to break down for me. I would be interested in seeing if it was just the design or if it really is that thread-sorted still needs to be the way email exists for me.
Always nice to see Android first apps. Looks like a more functional and slightly less pretty Google Inbox. One thing I found strange was that under the "Team" section of the site, you don't name who the actual founders are, and yet prominently show your advisors.
Like the concept, not sure though how it will works in business aspects as still more than 80% are using mail.