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Artur Fruman
Do you scrape your tongue?
Howdy, My partners and I hail from the great state of Michigan - Go Blue! Growing up, we were very involved in an amazing organization called The Friendship Circle, dedicated to children with special needs. For five years in middle and high school, we volunteered weekly, learning more from our special friends than they from us. By college, we faced an issue: too busy to travel home and volunteer, and too young (read: without income) to donate significant amounts of money. We decided to solve the problem by building the most effortless, free way to raise money for any cause. Pick your favorite charity or student org, sign up, and make Welzoo.com your browser start page. Every time you go online, we donate 1 extra cent. You may have laughed at the idea of changing your start page away from the coveted Google. Let me riddle you this: do you actually need Google as your start page? 94% of people perform searches directly from the address bar, since that's built into virtually all browsers today. So the question becomes...why WOULDN'T you make Welzoo your start page and raise free money for your favorite organization? How do we make money? Think StumbleUpon (we show you a full website [in an iframe] each time you go online). Cool stuff based on the interests you selected during sign up. The money we donate comes from sponsors who submit content. If you want your site to be seen by our users, check out www.welzoo.com/ads. Your marketing dollars will go directly to the organizations that our users love and support. <3 Artur