iPhone case that measures blood pressure, heart rate, etc...

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Killer use case, bummer that it's restricted by the iPhone form factor. Would love to have a product like this, but not at the expense of limiting my ability to upgrade to iPhone 6.
that's a great point Andrei
@malaparte @kaz In the FAQs it says it's compatible with all Android phones running KitKat. Maybe they've shot themselves in the foot by showing iPhones in all the product shots?
Very cool. Curious how strong the case is though. Would be a bummer if you dropped your phone and broke a $200 case :/
Interesting competitor to AliveCor: http://www.alivecor.com/home which is currently restricted to providers—i.e.: not marketed or sold to individuals. I wonder how they are getting around the medical device restrictions. Maybe they are ignoring them? Maybe they don't apply? @cpwt — I've only used AliveCor's device, which is pretty similar. It's a standard black plastic case and the sensors are dense metal. I'd be surprised if either of them are fragile. @BelleBCooper @malaparte — AFAIK the device will still work without the phone inside it, which kind of works to your point: it might be nicer to just have an independent device, but it also will continue to work when you ditch your current phone.