An app that suggests outfits based on how you look

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Hello ProductHunt! I wanted to share WellDressed with you today. WellDressed is an app that I have created over the last two years. And has been in a soft launch phase for about a year I wanted to create an app that is about matching outfits. People's tastes change constantly, so I felt that a true fashion recommendation app needed to be deeply personal. Instead of figuring out what you might like using search behavior or things you have liked, WellDressed looks at what you look like and creates an unique design profile with that information. After that it is up to the user to play around with all the styles the app currently has (releasing new ones weekly), and discover outfits that suit them well. Because of the focus on the individual, the app is highly tweakable. You can play around with the weather, budget settings, or even use photographs of your own clothes. As a single developer it always hard to say when something is done. But I got to a point where I feel confident about sharing the app with Product hunt. I hope you will try out WellDressed and looking forward to your feedback! Thanks, Stephan
Sounds good. Have you released android version yet? I would like to try.
@sandeepbhatia81 Thank you! I have been planning to create an android version for a while, but creating any revenue with the iPhone version has proven to very difficult. So I'm a little bit hesitant about making that investment right now. But I hope to figure out a revenue model that works soon! I will immediately start working on an android version when that moment happens.