The best visitor sign-in software for your office

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Hola Product Hunters! We're so excited to be on Product Hunt today and be part of the conversation! We're really looking forward to your feedback so feel free to ask us anything :) Thanks @bentossell for hunting us!
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Hey product hunters! We have a surprise for you today! Fill out this form and we'll send you a little treat to celebrate our launch :) - https://goo.gl/1nMZoa. Also, make sure to give us some feedback on our Welkio + PH landing page 😸. Thanks to @ryan_j_morrison for the design!
saying that it's "the best" seems a bit extreme to me; it looks a whole lot like Envoy ( https://envoy.wtf/ ) to me. Envoy has raised over $15 million from Andreesen Horowitz and is already used in a huge amount of startup offices in the bay area. are there any key differences vs Envoy?
Hey @_jacksmith, both Envoy and Welkio are great products and we’re still in the very early stages of experiencing what the visitor sign-in software market has to offer. We are currently solving the same problem but we believe our long term vision is different. We have an extensive roadmap and many new features coming in the next few weeks. I recently came across an post on Medium talking about Slack: "Sure, it’s hard to get the mix of ingredients just right, but it doesn’t have any features that Hipchat and Campfire can’t build. It’s the same enterprise chat client underneath, but it’s playful, fun to use, and all that comes together to make it feel like a character in your life." With Welkio, we want to provide the best user experience. Welkio is playful and fun to use and you'll see more of this in the very near future :)
@florentferere ok. I can understand that you might have a different vision, but is there any differences in the features/functionality today?
@_jacksmith Lol Jack cuts through jargon like nobody else
@_jacksmith Assuming they do have identical features, why would that bother you as either an investor or a potential client? Investors would see proven ground and a legit space for a competitor. Clients now have more than one option in a space where marketshare is critical. Sounds to me like they're really similar, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. As we learned from Facebook & Friendster, being first isn't always the best thing.
@uxandrew I was asking how they're different, because the product title here is "the best visitor sign in software", so I wonder how it is "the best"
Love this! Do you integrate with Google Apps or other directories so Employee data is auto available? Also, you should recommend some stands, printers etc! Or even sell a "ready-to-go" pack
Thanks @fredsoneya :) Yes, we integrate with Google Apps. @SlackHQ and @Hipchat to import employee data. We are currently working on a store section available directly on our website and this should be available pretty soon!