The Visual CMS. Create visual, animated, interactive content on your existing web/e-commerce platform. No need for developers or agencies. Be more flexible, work faster, save money.

In September 2015, we launched v2 of Weld, then a simple but designer-friendly web design tool, like Keynote or Illustrator but for the web.

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Hi! I'm the CTO of Weld and I'm here to answer any technical questions you might have. To give you the bird's-eye view, Weld consists of a number of microservices built with technologies such as Node.js, Angular.js, Websockets and MongoDB. I'm happy to elaborate on any of those choices or anything else you want to know.
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@hanktard this is awesome I am going to use this to build my personal site. Very cool interface! 👍
@hanktard Excited - does this play nicely w/ Squarespace? Grid (yes, I FINALLY am on Beta). Clean design, looking forward to using it. Cheers!
I really like this idea: Finish tutorial, get Unlimited Projects.
@tothasoma From one entrepreneur to another: this is one of the best ways of onboarding a user we have tried yet.
@tothasoma * for one month :) still cool though!
@radiofreejohn Yeah only for one month, but it's just made me learn the basics - and that's the goal. Actually I don't really care about getting Unlimited Projects, but I care about get something for free. I think this is how most users thinking. We're all excited by getting something for free aren't we? Actually I never got anything in a saas for learning the basics.
Really happy to share Weld Websites with you fellow hunters! @tomsoderlund can you explain us how is Weld Websites different from, say, Wix or SquareSpace? Also, why did you decide to build it?
@gregoiregilbert Weld Websites gives you the freedom of designing any way you want, but don’t have to bother with coding. So I guess it sits between more template-based tools like SquareSpace/Wix/Weebly and “real” programming. Our vision is actually to make a programming tool that anyone can use. Our first product was “Weld Prototypes” (, this new version is for websites, and in a year or so we hope to support mobile apps too.
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Weld has come so far, love products that make us more productive!
How does generated code looks like? Is it SEO friendly? One problem I have with these kind of tools is how messy and unmanageable the final code looks like. It's impossible to dig in and modify anything manually. It would be interesting to know how you guys take care of this...
@whoisjuan Hi Juan! Our approach is more that you design and keep your website/app on our platform rather than exporting generated code. I think we’re doing OK from an SEO perspective but we’re working on to improve it further. We are beta-testing a new feature where “real” programmers can create custom objects in HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Weld users can then drag-and-drop these objects into their projects.