British coders fearing the Brexit are welcome to France!

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Really cool idea, CTO are most welcome in France! Hint: there are more rare pokemons in Paris than in London!
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@terence_d_ haha pokeperks of the job
Robin ChoyMaker@robin_choy
@terence_d_ Thanks a lot Térence! Plus, you don't have to hold an umbrella while hunting them...
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@robin_choy @terence_d_ hahaha great response!
Robin ChoyMaker@robin_choy
Hi everybody, thanks @romain_lapeyre for hunting us! WelcomeJames is a french initiative devoted to British programmers fearing the Brexit. We're 3 entrepreneurs working hard on helping companies change the way they hire developers and we launched WelcomeJames as a side project just after the Brexit. The aim is to bring clarity and information to british developers in these times of uncertainty: drop us your Github/Stack Overflow and we'll put you in touch with curated CTOs of the most promising French Startups (among them Sqreen, eFounders, Gorgias, Sevenhugs, Botify, Stupeflix...) after carefully assessing your profile and interests. We would love to hear your thoughts & feedbacks about this!
James Mundy@_jamesmundy · CTO @ SailConnect
haha great idea, thanks for the personal Welcome :)
@_jamesmundy Yep, very kind of them!
Pierre de Milly@pierredemilly
Simple and tech oriented :)
Robin ChoyMaker@robin_choy
@pierredemilly Thanks for your support! We want to keep tech recruitment as simple as possible - a CV? What's that?
Louisa Mesnard@louisamesnard · Citron
Fantastic idea ! We need to welcome more foreigners in France.
Robin ChoyMaker@robin_choy
@louisamesnard Thanks a lot! That's what we think indeed - let's show the world the power of France's booming Tech Scene!