Welcome to Macintosh - 7: The Shimmy

The story of how a YouTube video made Steve Jobs dance.

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This episode is a personal favorite of mine. It's amazing how many shenanigans went on in this seemingly simple story — it's just a lot of fun. And be sure to listen through to the credits for a fun surprise 🎶
Was fun to talk about/think back on this. Still remember that Shimmy so well...
Hey @mcbramhill, I've really enjoyed listening to Welcome to Macintosh since you started not too long ago. What motivated you to start this series and what were the biggest challenges for you at the get go?
@daniellevine I listen to a LOT of podcasts — some talking head tech shows (ATP, The Talk Show, etc), and a lot of public-radio style edited shows (TAL, Radiolab, 99% Invisible, Reply All, etc). I enjoy hearing Apple/tech news, but this more edited style of show is what I prefer to listen to, and nobody was making a show at the intersection of these two worlds. Really, it was just the show I wanted to listen to. I cold-emailed people in the Apple/indie developer community who I knew had good stories, and a number were gracious enough to give me a shot. The biggest challenge I've faced (and continue to struggle with) is focussing on actual stories. I find myself tackling topics (skeuomorphism) that don't have a huge amount of narrative to them, and it's easy to get lost from here. The story lives or dies by having good characters and a compelling plot, and it can be hard to keep that focus in a tech show.
I'm laughing out loud listening to this right now. Never knew this happened. The M.G. Siegler jingle haha =). What a great find!