A smart travel companion

Welcome is a smart travel companion that uses friend and expert recommendations (powered by a location aware AI) to create real time itineraries.
Never ask “Where do I go now?”
Welcome guides you to the best place, personalized for you.
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Even those of us who ‘love’ planning, hate planning. Why do we have to spend hours asking friends or recommendations, looking through guidebooks, pinning things on maps? We plan and plan, and then once we get to a new destination everything changes anyway. We wanted a better experience, so we decided to build it. We are team Welcome, a small group of passionate creators from around the world. Most of us previously worked at Vimeo, and a couple of us founded Cameo, an Apple award-winning app (acquired by Vimeo).
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I dislike travel planning and logistics. We should try this on our next trip, @suzywillow.
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Love the UI , looking forward to the andriod release!
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@paulcomba Thanks for the kind words! We spent a ton of time working on just the right experience and design.
Beautiful app, the real-time “plan” View is unique and fun. Despite the fact I live in NYC, I decided to act like a tourist yesterday and just follow Welcomes plan for me for lunch and coffee, both at great spots downtown that I had never been to before. I haven’t asked for tips yet, but I’ve seen a few friends asking around international travel plans. I could definitely see using this any time I arrive in a new place. I’m a huge Swarm and Foursquare user, but this sits in a unique spot between the two apps (and ties in nicely with their data), so I’m eager to see how this app changes the way I travel.
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If this could access Apple Maps favorites I would be so happy
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@alexgiess Good idea. We'll look into it