4-person video chat platform where strangers become friends

WeKiki is a safe space to meet new friends on the Internet.

The community is vibrant and talking with others face to face helps build lasting relationships--many of our users, though geographically distant, have traveled to meet each other!

Each "party" consists of four video spots that can be filled by any user, or there's a sidebar chat.

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Hi Product Hunt! WeKiki is a simple Chrome video chat platform. There can be up to four participants in video, and more watching and in the sidebar chat. We are currently only on Chrome, and non-mobile. The four person format is intimate— I’ve found in Appear.in that groups larger than 4 either talk over each other and get chaotic, or the opposite. In groups of 6+ people will turn their cameras off for long periods of time, or play music, or otherwise lag the conversation. Thank you in advance to the community for your questions, comments, and suggestions! I look forward to hearing what you have to say!
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@kikischirr Sooooo been waiting for this to be posted :) Blab obviously tried to do this before but couldn't get it to work (by their standards) So what is going to be different with WeKiki?
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@bentossell haha, you struck the balance between patience and urging me to post very well, I would say! First, I would say that Blab was a magical product. I am a former Blab user and I, like many others, mourned its eventual demise, even if the writing had been on the wall for a while. I have remained in touch with many of the people I met on Blab, and even met or hosted several of the people I knew only from the Internet. So you might notice that this version of WeKiki looks rather familiar. We kept the 4-person format. There's an active sidebar chat. Many of the people are even the same, haha. But 2 major things separate us even now: 1. We took a different route with the technology, attempting more P2P connections 2. We intend to monetize (because we are bootstrapping!) And in the future we have plans to be very different--our monetization strategy is slotted to be private rooms. We will be offering private DMs. We will open our API to the addition of bots and other customizations. But for now, we're rather retro. Thanks for the question, Ben!
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@kikischirr Awesome - yeah I understand that you and blab would have had very different intentions too so was curious to hear about it :)
@kikischirr Impressive! Congrats :)
As a former Blab user, the past half year has been dreary. While many of us kept in touch, the magic of connecting with your friends and having fun was gone when the great Blab social experiment was over. From the first minutes of WeKiki going live, it was amazing to see my old friends and meet new ones, and most importantly, recapture some of the magic that we can make when things go just right. I noticed that from the beginning of WeKiki people who had not seen each other in months could not stop smiling. Within the first few days I smiled so much my face hurt. When you bring together creative and wonderful from across the globe and build community, amazing things happen and I am excited to see what the future looks like on a platform built by an insider who understands what the community wants and needs. With daily improvements, community support, and some impressive programming, I’m excited to see a successful social livestreaming platform that is fun, safe, and inclusive.
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@sidneyshapiro Sidney, not going to lie, this message you left made me tear up. Meeting you IRL ("in real life") was one of the high points of 2016 for me. And August 12, the day Blab shut down, was definitely quite close to its nadir. A large part of my motivation in creating WeKiki was to bring people back together. I hope that we've started to accomplish that. :) Thanks, Sidney, for being along for the ride.
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Super awesome that you built your own Blab after it shut down, @kikischirr. 💯
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I love WeKiki! Kiki and her partner have done an AMAZING job of creating a platform that is for those of us who are in our 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s+ to connect! This platform is not full of hashtaging, seflie experting teenagers, but instead is full of real people wanting to make real connections with their peers!!! Kudos!
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@cheatwoodphoto hahhaha, no teens?--it's a feature! :P To be fair, Cheats, don't we have a few teens?
@cheatwoodphoto I dont know about you, but I never plan on aging past my 20s. It has been a wonderful adventure and such a pleasure to make amazing new friends, like my photographer motor cycling friend who, I unreservedly admit, can beat me at scrabble. Looking forward to exciting new friends, family and adventure on WeKiki :)
@kikischirr you can count me as a teen. I'm constantly told to be less child like!
The Shadow has many friends and even more enemies. Blab was a place where they come to hang out with me and spend time sharing things from Bitcoin ATMs to what the weather is like in the UK. We had some amazing times and started shows and did some life changing things. We actually all became family and friends in a group that spanned the globe. We have an eclectic group of friends from all over the world, Sausage in New York, Gabe in the South going walking, Pretto inventing things, and of course JS Gilbert keeping it hilarious. I made some amazing friends and always look forward to whatever insanity they are going to come up with next. From shows to social support and hangouts, the entire experience was transformative. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and blab went away after a year. A lot of people stayed in touch and we kept things going, but it was not the same. Along came WeKiki and really brought it all back. Kiki brought us back smiles, laughs and a platform to let the good times roll, and I cant wait for things to get back to the way they were, amazing times with amazing friends. I love the WeKiki platform, still in its infancy, because this is a place where we can hang out with old friends and make some new ones. Looking forward to hanging out with you and really excited about the platform!
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@shadow3413 Awesome that you're back quarterbacking WeKiki Bobby. Always the most enthusiastic person online, you really hold any community together with your always positive and winning personality. Looking forward to some amazing times on WeKiki!