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Hello Hunters, For the last year I've been pouring my life into WeKast and I’m super excited it's here. We created WeKast (http://wekast.com), a plug & cast presentation solution, to put an end to the painful presentation process that wastes time and that has not been disrupted in years. WeKast was born out of necessity, to meet our own needs, only to realize that so many of our friends felt the same way. Our perfect presentation solution, as we imagined it, would be super-fast, incredibly-easy, wireless so we could present straight from our phone, to any screen, anywhere we want. Simple and streamlined. All we would have to do is just plug & cast! And that’s exactly how we designed WeKast. No more presentation nightmares, no more awkward moments when the technology fails. Imagine... you show up at your meeting, plug the wireless WeKast into any HDMI or VGA port, open your presentation on your phone and you're ready to go. You control everything -- slides, business docs, videos or photos -- from the app. So excited to see what the Product Hunt community thinks. Thank you to the PH team for building this platform (big kudos to @Jacqvon for helping us get set up!!). Team WeKast is honored to be here! As a token of appreciation, we are giving a special discount to all Product Hunters that will support our Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/1RedFPz). 20% off any pledge exclusively for the Hunters! To pledge, claim the $1 reward and pledge the correct amount for the reward you want less 20%. I am noemie@WeKast.com if you have any questions or comments you want to send me privately. @Noemie_Alliel on Twitter :)
Think of WeKast as risk management for your presentations. When you want to be your best, don't leave anything up to chance technical problems. We have ALL been there. You work so hard on your presentation and then you can't connect to WiFi or you didn't bring the right cable. WeKast lets you bring all you need with you in a lightweight, easy-to-use solution that will let you run your professional presentation from your phone, tablet or laptop. If you give presentations - get your hands on a WeKast! This company is going places.
@yael_ukeles Thanks for the support and for sharing your experience Yael!
Great product! looking forward to put my hand on one of those :)
@urieli17 Thanks Uri! We cannot wait too :)
Pretty cool concept. Aren't you worried that pretty soon all TVs will have some kind of similar technology built in?
@guy thanks for your question. Not really because as long as OEMs won't agree on a worldwide standard, each will continue to develop their own tech for their own products. For example, Samsung phones works with Samsung TV, etc...Miracast is not reliable and not good enough (does not work with iOS) to be adopted as a global standard. So the market will still have room for a truly cross-platform solutions that you can rely on anywhere like WeKast. We also have WeKast Engage which is our engagement platform that lets you communicate with the audiences and follow up with attendees. The day all TVs will be smart, our users will be able to download our receiver WeKast app and be able to cast straight from their phone with our platform, without the HW.
Wasn't there also a kickstarter campaign a couple years ago for WeKast? What happened with that campaign vs the current one you are running?
@bentossell Hi Ben - thanks for checking us out! No, this is our first and only Kickstarter campaign for WeKast. We launched on Kickstarter about 2 weeks ago. We were hunted on Product Hunt very early (1.5 yrs ago) when we were still in Beta and did a complete redesign since then :) So that's what you may be referring to.