Weird One Character Domain Superstore

Weird and available one character domain names

Find available one character domains with international symbols. The .com TLD and many others are available.

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For the right person, 𐋈.dog is the best domain of all time.


Probably the best place to buy a single character unicode domain anywhere on the Internet.


No one really wants single character unicode domains.

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Discovered this site and it looks amazing, nice idea. I never thought there would be so many available domains with only one character, even if they are with international symbols.
@w Hey... thanks! It's a deeply silly and stupid project, but I learned a lot doing it. Most of that research I plowed back into my "main" side gig, i❤️.ws. But... you know... once you start going down a rabbit hole with this unicode stuff, you end up in some weird places. Here's the obligatory "How I Built This" article:
Alternate URL: https://ツ.ws ... because it's the Weird One Character Domain Superstore! Duh!
@jonroig this is absolutely incredible — any idea how this works with SEO?
@suparchie Do you mean... the domains or the site itself? Unicode domains are indexed and displayed correctly -- I think? -- by google, but you have to be careful if you're using both a "regular" domain and a unicode domain. Basically, if they share content, google really wants to combine them into a single canonical site. In most cases, that's going to be the "regular" domain, since that probably gets better usage. As far as I can tell, outside of https://i❤️.ws, not too many sites have gone all in on a unicode / idn domain. Most people use them for forwarding, since they don't want the address to display in punycode... but even that's complicated, since urls like https://ツ.ws don't display as punycode in Chrome, at least not for now.
@suparchie Hey... just to follow up, with a few thoughts. I misspoke when I said that not too many sites have gone all in on IDN - there are actually tons of them, I just don't think about it because I'm an English speaker. There are, like, all these other languages out there... ya know? In general, though, IDN / Unicode domains are handled well by all the search engines. I've been experimenting pretty heavily with https://i❤️.ws, but here are the results of my last look at emoji search results: I don't have a ton of good examples to show off since this is all kind of dubious, but since emoji domains are the main focus of my efforts, do a google search for "emoji domains" and you'll see what the search results look like....
@emoji_domains @jonroig Sorry I didn't get a chance to reply to your previous response! What a fantastic follow-up -- thank you so much. I'm really interested in using a unicode domain for an upcoming project (to sort of define it) but was holding off for SEO reasons. Thanks for such a through reply dude hugely appreciated. 🙏
@emoji_domains @suparchie Let me know if you build something cool!
Why did i just buy one of these?
hilariously innovative