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Developer tools for deep learning & machine learning

Easily track & save the performance of your deep learning models. In < 5 lines of code, integrate Keras, Tensorflow, Pytorch, or Fastai models so that every hyperparameter & metric is saved each time code runs.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Looks like such a powerful tool for extracting performance insights! Absolutely love the documentation feature, awesome work!
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! So delighted to hear you like it :)
This is awesome and so Any discounts or special pricing for researchers/students/non-professionals?
@gamblers_united Yes, we offer free accounts for academics and open source projects.
Amazing. I think this is very helpful tools for us. Keep it up & go ahead.
@stevegoolsby Thanks so much! Sign up at app.wandb.ai for a free account to check it out :)

This simple system of record automatically saves logs from every experiment, making it easy to look over the history of your progress and compare new models with existing baselines.


Easy, fast, and lightweight experiment tracking


Only available for Python projects