Weightroom Workout Tracker is the first step of being the workout tracker I always wanted.

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Erik Olsson
iOS developer
Hi Hunters! While on parental leave I've made this workout tracker, a little hobby project that somehow turned into a launch here on Product Hunt! I like the idea of being able to follow my friends and see what they do in the gym, as well as store all my workouts on a server so I don't lose all my workout data (happened to me twice with other apps!) Day to day I'm an iOS developer, but for this app I've done both design and code, so please be nice to the design :) There are still things I'd love to add to the app, like built-in workout programs, which I hope to build in the coming months. The app is written in Swift, the backend in Go and all design was done in Figma! I'm looking forward to hear your feedback and questions!