A weighted to-do list

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Bradley R@knownhuman · Strategist, Recurve Services
Nice idea, but would be more useful if the visual size of the item matched the weight given to it (e.g., a 25% item took up 25% of the area)
Austin Maker@awoldes · Full Stack Dev
@knownhuman that's such a good idea! I didn't even think of visualising them that. Cheers mate :)
Dhruba Adhikari@acpmasquerade · Product Director, Picovico
@awoldes @knownhuman I didn't find the product self explanatory. What is the exact significance of weight, thats missing. Are you trying to say that the work has N weight, or its N% complete, or from a main task pool the task weighs N% ? Better you put a quick FAQ somewhere. And as @knownhuman said, weighted visualization will add up for the better experience.
Austin Maker@awoldes · Full Stack Dev
@acpmasquerade @knownhuman that's something that I myself struggled to implement in the UX. I'm trying to say that a certain to-do has a certain weight towards an end goal. E.g If your goal is making toast, putting the toast in the toaster has more weight than buttering it. But I will put in a quick FAQ asap :)
Daniel F Lopes@danflopes · I help build products faster @Whitesmith
@knownhuman This is a fantastic idea.
Austin Maker@awoldes · Full Stack Dev
I'm the maker of Weightley! I'm a university student creating 8 products in 8 weeks (https://medium.com/@awoldes/8-pr...) for my mid-year break and Weightley is #2. I'd love to know your thoughts on the product!
Joe d'Elia@joedeliame · Digital product maker
Not sure if my browser is not displaying this properly, but I have no clue what this does...
Austin Maker@awoldes · Full Stack Dev
@joedeliame what browser are you on? I havent optimised it for mobile unfortunately
Joe d'Elia@joedeliame · Digital product maker
@awoldes Chrome—the problem is that the buttons at the bottom "Done" etc, are the same color as the background, making them invisible. I had no idea what was going on!
Austin Maker@awoldes · Full Stack Dev
@joedeliame this is embarrassing. I had fixed this locally and thought I had updated the site.
Max Kramer@maxkramer · iOS Engineer
@joedeliame @awoldes I'm also on Chrome, but no "Done" button is showing up. I checked the source, and I think that the "Crushed" button is meant to be showing in order to mark a task as complete, but it seems to be hidden: .
Austin Maker@awoldes · Full Stack Dev
@maxkramer @joedeliame have made enough todos so that they equal up to 100%? That's how I've designed it so that they all need to be done before you start again. I'll redesign it soon so you enter an end goal and then the list of todos you need to accomplish to achieve your goal.
Oleg Avrah@oleg_avrah
I didn't get what it's all about.
Austin Maker@awoldes · Full Stack Dev
@oleg_avrah this seems to be a common problem unfortunately. It's a weighted todo list, so basically you give different todos a weight on how important they are. E.g calling your mum during the day might have a higher weight than buying milk.
Mike Timofiiv@mtimofiiv · I love to tinker and hack
Love the simplicity overall, but I was a little confused at first. Maybe also show some kind of progress indicator as to what percentage is still remaining that can be spent on new tasks. Second, the buttons do not show in the proper spots in the boxes belonging to the tasks but all show up aligned to the bottom, making it a bit impossible to use. And third, I'd love to see some things like tooltips or any kind of introduction to how this all works. Overall though this is a nice idea!
Austin Maker@awoldes · Full Stack Dev
@mtimofiiv cheers for all the suggestions Mike! The flow of the todos still really need some work, and I'll be making some instructions because it's all a bit confusing :)