Replace passwords on your site with cute pixel art.

WeHatePasswords allows your members to easily access their account. Instead of remembering complicated passwords they can draw a memorable little pixel art which acts as their password. Whenever they log in they need to draw the same thing.
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Hello Product Hunt, Today I'm introducing you all to a new project of mine called WeHatePasswords. The project's goal is to make your password inputs more intuitive by allowing your members to use a memorable picture for their password as opposed to some complicated text. While this approach to security looks simple on the surface there is 28,430,288,000,000,000,000 possible password combinations so it's definitely not an easy task for somebody to brute force a pixel art password. I have a working demo available on the homepage and instructions on how to add WeHatePasswords to your own site; it's a quick and easy process! Thanks for checking out WeHatePasswords I hope you found it useful or entertaining ❤️
While it is creative, it is not secure. The password is being displayed in plain sight. Nevermind bruteforce, a person with a good memory can easily get your password.
@karias_bolster I will add a toggle which hides the blocks you click. For those instances when you're typing your password around others. Thanks for the feedback!
@daltonedwards That would be great. Sorry if I sounded harsh.
@karias_bolster Also, it's quite time consuming to enter the password. It took me 15-20 seconds to draw the demo square. I'm using an notebook (touchpad) to draw it, but I'm quite experienced with it.
@karias_bolster @smeijer To be fair, the fact this DOES take time could be used as another data point to improve the encryption.
@karias_bolster Just added a privacy mode which hides your selection. If update doesn't show for you try clearing browser cache.
Good luck on the hunt! When implementing this, will the login still work with password managers?
@smeijer Password manager support is planned :)
Funny. Would be nice if it would draw as you drag around. And not have to click all the time.
@alesas Definitely planned! :) Stay tuned