Weglot Translate

Translate your website instantly, no code required

#5 Product of the WeekOctober 29, 2019
Translate your website in minutes, no coding required
💻 Quick, simple install
✅ 100% compatible with all websites (WordPress, Shopify, …)
📈 SEO optimized
🎯 Automatic and human translations
🚀 Intuitive translations management
👥 Access to pro translators
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30 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunters 👋 Weglot founder here. We originally came up with the idea of Weglot through our own frustration of not being able to find an easy way to translate a website. After 3 years, we are really happy to share our progress with you. What started as a WordPress plugin and later a Shopify app, has now grown to a translation solution for any type of website trusted by more than 50,000 users! We wanted to make the process of creating a multilingual site as simple as possible - so Weglot’s installation is around 5 minutes, no code and no need to bother your dev team. How does it work? Once Weglot is integrated on your website, it’ll automatically detect all your content and deliver it in any language. We provide a first layer of automatic translation to help you save time. You then get complete control over your translations, either editing them yourself or asking a professional translator to do so. And, that’s Weglot in a nutshell! We’re here to answer any questions, feedback and suggestions! PS: We have a 10-day free trial so don't hesitate to try it out so you can see for yourself 😀
@remyberda Holy goodness ! This one exactly meets my requirement. Thank you and congrats on your launch :)
Very good product! We implemented it for our product and nothing is more pleasant than to see your site translated in 5 minutes! We did a review and manual translation after that but at least the implementation process is fast!
Hello @tdeneulin, thank you so much for your feedback!
Awesome product, amazing team! Congrats on the launch! 🚀
@demtzu Thank you Ahmed!
it's an awesome tool and ease of use.
@ivan_so Hi Ivan, thank you so much for your great feedback :)
@ivan_so Thanks for your kind words :)! And super happy you enjoyed it!
A few years ago, I had to localize a Wordpress website. It was such a pain! You had to use Excel files, manage translators, etc. I'm impressed by what you've done with Weglot: doing the same thing today would take me way less time!
@gregdabo Thank you Grégoire for your kind words ;)