defweweerwwevcxxvxcvJetzy understands your playing pattern and surprises you by saying many things about you. Each comment is distinct, designed to enhance attention.

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hahahaha, this AI got me rolling on the floor. AI is awesome. Congrats Sam, I see this game is going to the top charts.
@ashok_methew Thank you so much Ashok :)
Looks fun! Congrats on the launch!
@bouazizalex Thanks a lot & yes it is surely Fun to play. Jetzy is hilarious.
Looks awesome! Congrats. Will checkout soon
@iuditg Thank you :D
Looks super cool!
@tanvee_gupta Thank you for the kind words :)
@tanvee_gupta Play it and you will find that the AI is much Cooler.
Very unique concept. fun to play and Jetzy is crazy!!!
@mojecipele Thank You :) and Yes he is Crazy sometimes. hahaha