Weekly Planner for Effective People

I signed up for this product a while back and was interested to see what would become of it. Aligns very closely to Covey but with some interesting features such as the Cogitorama - a tool to raise self awareness via key word journalling. Loads of potential with this app.
Hi guys, I am the creator of WeekPlan. As @helencrozier mentioned, the app is very inspired by the 7 habits. The idea is that it doesn't matter if you are "productive" if you are working on the wrong things. WeekPlan helps you stay connected with your goals and vision while managing your tasks.
Shame subtasks aren't available on the free package - one of the things I love about Asana and Wunderlist!
This was very well done. I liked some of the Covey ideas, and you did a good job bringing them out. I've been using Trello recently for planning (and doing), but I like the week plan view. Anyone else like more than one organizational system, and make their own hybrid? In my case, I liked some of Covey and some of GTD, and do a little bit of both.
@SacBookReviewer This is how WeekPlan came about. The Parking Lot for example is where you can do your GTD braindump.