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Weekly Product Design Exercise is a weekly newsletter with challenges inspired and used by companies like Facebook, Google, and WeWork to interview design candidates.

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Hello PH! ✌️ After publishing my book (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) I noticed that UX designers use exercises from the book to practice their skills (https://t.co/RGn4GuTNNZ) and I decided to make product design exercises used by top companies to interview design candidates more accessible. I believe there are not enough resources for designers to prepare for job interviews (unlike engineers/PMs). Often designers don’t know what to expect from the interview. In addition, they are mostly focused on the aesthetics and how things look over how they work and benefit the business. So I decided to build this newsletter in which I'll send one product design exercise inspired or used by companies like Facebook, Google, and WeWork to interview UX design candidates. I hope it will help entry-level designers to prepare for job interviews, senior designers to practice their skills and managers to get ideas for exercises they can use to interview designers. Thanks!
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@hvost nice work, newsletter format is cool for this
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Nice work @hvost! Glad to use another product from you which will help me with my future aspirations.
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@hvost love your book!!
Definitely needed! I was looking for something similar to this a few weeks ago. I find plenty of developing exercises and tutorials, not many with design dope 🚬🚬
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Awesome idea!
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I wish this book had gotten out when I was starting out my UX journey. Now my mentees are having the high life since recommending this as part of their "must" have resources. Also, I wanted some clarity on some details in the book and the author, Artiom, was kind enough to respond to me and now I really love this book and it's exercises!


Easy to understand especially with the examples and the author is super humble!


Some few typos and the next challenge for the author is how to present the design challenge to the stakeholders.

Great stuff! Gonna check it out for sure.