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#5 Product of the DayNovember 04, 2017

It automatically records DEVELOPER's activity while helping MANAGERS collect team's timelogs, handle booking, budget & invoicing.


Because developers have to deal with multiple tasks per day, and accurately reporting time takes a lots of effort. This is the first real automated activity tracker, that make is easy to confirm and submit time.

Ale Cerutti
  • Pros: 

    Really easy to set up and use. It has lots of integrations with dev (and non dev) tools. In ten mins I can fill my entire week precisely.


    A mobile app would be nice. I think that's a work in progress though.

    You won't miss a task any more.

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Kyle Richey
Kyle Richey@imakestrides · CEO, ConquerApathy.com
Cool idea! I like that it can track time automatically from commits, tasks, meetings, etc.
haabe@haabe · Developer @ Snopp Designbyrå
How does it differ from Timelyapp?
Ammar Alakkad
Ammar Alakkad@am_alakkad · Web Developer, frontend/backend.
I hope it will have a desktop app in the future to record apps usage like editors. Also, I'd like to see support for private gitlab server, not only the official one. Thanks for the idea!