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Eric Seufert
Eric Seufert@eric_seufert · Editor, Mobile Dev Memo
Unsplash is another service that does this -- they send 10 photos every 10 days, free to use. http://unsplash.com/
Lauren Rotman
Lauren RotmanHunterHiring@laurenfrotman · Stencil
Weekly Snaps sends 10 images which are 100% royalty free to your inbox every week. We have done the due diligence on all images and you are free to use them however you please. We curate your weekly packages and you receive a free sample pack!
Lauren Rotman
Lauren RotmanHunterHiring@laurenfrotman · Stencil
Sorry, typo - Weekly Snaps sends 20 images a week!
Mike Gozzo
Mike Gozzo@gozmike · Co-Founder & CTO at Smooch.io
Most of the photos on the site linked above seem to be taken from http://unsplash.com (I am using some of them in my designs already) - maybe you can find additional content (over and above unsplash) to justify the cost of the service?
Lauren Rotman
Lauren RotmanHunterHiring@laurenfrotman · Stencil
@gozmike Hey Mike, the images are actually curated from almost 10 different sources so you will see a variety in your inbox week after week.
Violeta Nedkova
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
Too bad I can't sign up at the moment. They don't accept new ones.