Curated Friday to Sunday roundtrip flight emails under $300

Weekendr is a notification service that will let you know when we find weekend roundtrip tickets, under $300, leaving from your city so you can have a fun weekend somewhere new.
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Daniel Bushkanets
Founder of Weekendr.io
Hey guys, maker of Weekendr here 👋 Weekendr is about empowering people to travel more. I feel that travel has become super accessible, but it can be expensive and hard to find the right time to go due to work schedules and other commitments. With this in mind, I decided to try and solve these two problems by finding flight deals that are on weekends so you don't have to waste vacation days and are always under $300 so they are relatively cheap. I created a notification service that tells you about flights that leave from your city on Friday, and return on Sunday for under $300. Essentially, we constantly scan the internet for great deals that leave on Friday and return on Sunday for each of our users and then curate and send out. This way it keeps it cheap, and always on weekends so people don't have to waste vacation days. Instead, get to fly to interesting places and have fun weekends in new places. We essentially do all the searching for the users, so they don't have to get lucky finding good deals. We are searching all the time, so once a price drops and fits our bill, we let you know about it. We also curate so we don't send out any bogus deals or flights like sending someone from NYC to Boston when you can probably drive for the same amount of travel time.