Weekend Getaway

Discover a weekend trip on every new tab

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Max Ibel
Max IbelMaker@mibel86 · Co-founder at tripdelta
@mackflavelle thanks for posting :D Hi I am one of the makers of the Weekend Getaway. Weekend Getaway is a beautiful replacement of your new tab. Every time you open a new tab you will find up to 4 suggestions where your next weekend could go, powered by the amazing tripdelta (https://tripdelta.com) algorithm. Find every flight possible with our integrated search right from your new tab. Just to show you how we are better than other flight searches: https://tripdelta.com/results/SF... vs. https://www.kayak.de/flights/SFO... It’s available both for Chrome and Firefox… Your feedback is more than welcome, AMA ;)
Amrei Meier
Amrei Meier@amrei_meier
Really cool stuff... I like that it's available for Firefox as well! Getting away only for the weekend is a great idea. Do all of the destinations really have a reasonable distance for a weekend getaway?
Nikolas Langes
Nikolas LangesMaker@nlanges · Co-Founder at tripcombi
@amrei_meier Yes we have handselected the images and flightroutes. We try to make sure to not include flights with a duration of >4 hrs
MalteMaker@malteraff · Co-Founder tripdelta
I like it, mainly because I made it :)
So awesome. Always looking for travel inspiration.
Max Ibel
Max IbelMaker@mibel86 · Co-founder at tripdelta
@danebs Thanks, we're glad you like it :)