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Hello everyone, Weekdone (https://weekdone.com/) is a weekly planning and quarterly goal-setting app that's 4 years old. Today we are happy to launch our new Weekdone 3. Version 3 is much more focused in you, the individual, being a superhero in getting your work done and being proud of it. While a team product, there is no reason why you couldn't use Weekdone on your own. We have many single users. The whole Weekdone is built on the promise that in productivity, less is more. You have to set fewer but better goals, focus on what's important. We use the best practice of OKRs for quarterly goal-setting and the default weekly plans are built on PPP - Plans, Progress, Problems - journaling, as used in companies like Skype, eBay and many others. Even Google Snippets that they use are very similar. While the product is pretty flexible, we are process oriented, that being you becoming good at setting and reflecting on your key daily, weekly and quarterly plans. Originally our focus has been teams, especially small teams of 4-100 people, although we're used up to Fortune 500. Many use us instead of or in addition to their weekly and daily standups, so people are well briefed and prepared in advance of those meetings. Making meetings redundant - or making them more useful and structured - is one of our mantras. I am Jüri, CEO and Co-founder of Weekdone, and also the head of product, so I was actively involved in creating this new version. If you want, you can also start from our main landing page https://weekdone.com/ instead of the linked What's New in Weekdone 3 page. The landing page might be easier to understand for what we do and how the product works. Please check out the product and let me know of any improvement suggestions. Thank you all! Best regards, Jüri Weekdone
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Great product! Really love the UX and UI. Quick question out of curiosity, why are landing pages for different languages wildly different?
@tauno Thanks for the kind words! Since 80% of our users are in English-speaking countries, unfortunately the other language home pages and translations are always left behind. Sorry about that - working on it :) For now, English one is the only good and up to date one.
@jkaljundi Ah ok, I was torn between "not updated yet" and "we're found that different cultures warrant different landing pages". The latter would have been more interesting :)
@tauno @jkaljundi more interesting, and also dishonest :) Bravo, Juri on the launch
@occamsrazor_314 Thanks Paul! Always a lot to do and improve, hard at work.
We've been using this in our team for a while now (while it was in preview). It's a good way to remind people what's going on and what they've committed to. Obviously, you'll need to be disciplined to get the most out of the tool.
@vamsikvaranasi Thank you Vamsi for being a user! You are correct in saying that for it to be really useful, you really need to want to be great and improve in your daily work. You also ideally should understand that the team communication value is there: if others know what you're planning and doing, it will make your job easier and more successful.
A noble effort. If I hadn't built my panopticon in google sheets already, I'd be considering this. @jkaljundi @veli @janek
Thank you @elizabethhunker! Indeed we all start from e-mail, docs and sheets, but as teams grow, that tends to fall apart. That's where our users come from then. When asked who's our main competitor I always say it's not another product, but people using unstructured e-mails and shared docs. We actually have some example OKR template sheets and doc files even at the bottom of our resources page: https://weekdone.com/resources/o...
Great looking product. Would you say there's an optimal number of staff that's suitable for Weekdone? How do you see some processes changing based on staff count? We've tried apps like this before but always went back to just some in-house solutions. Would be great to hear your thoughts on it. @jkaljundi
@davidsfeng Sorry for late reply. What we've seen is smaller and smaller teams start using Weekdone and OKRs and weekly high-level planning. You definitely need it when team gets to at least 4-6 people and for anything above that. But, there are now even so many single individuals who are religious about setting their daily, weekly and quarterly goals in a tool like us. While the team collaboration is important, at the end of the day it is about you, the single individual setting the goals and getting them done. Ideally yes, the whole team should have buy-in into the drive to be better, and see it not as a chore demanded by leaders, but by something that helps them being more educated. It definitely is a process change, not just a tool change.