Weekly employee progress report for managers

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Thanks for the hunt! I'm the CEO and Co-founder and happy to answer any questions or listen to improvement ideas. Weekdone today is used at a really varied user base, from startups and SME's to Fortune 500 and public companies. There are also many non-profits and even churches and ministries. Our goal is to make short daily or weekly updates valuable and loved by all team members, so meetings and stand-ups can be used for more valuable discussions. Many of our users tend to agree. Here is one user story published today: http://www.agorapulse.com/blog/a...
Like this a lot. Better than 15Five by my estimate on first run. Nice hunt!
@dshan Thanks, Derek! We definitely have our fans who have switched to us from many similar products :)
Nice little app so that you'll always know co-workers' plans and progress.
@erictwillis Thanks, Eric! I'm all ears on how we could make the product better.