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Weedly is a cannabis directory helps you find best marijuana's stores around you

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So just a cleaner version of WeedMaps? Why use you over Leafly/WeedMaps/StickyGuide/Where’s Weed...?
@bradungar Hi Brad, thanks for feedback! Currently, we are a directory that helps find the best stores in some destinations. We work to add new stores and new cities everyday. You will be able to sell your products directly on Weedly. We will work to constantly improve and offer the best service for those looking for or selling.
Are you planning add more cities?
@inna_selez absolute yes! for now we are focus on Europe, North America and Canada





Cannabis is bad

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I think this source is very useful. My doctor prescribed cbd oil to me. Having read some info about it and looked through the article about the difference cbd oil vs hemp oil, I finally decided to try it. So, I'm sure your store will help me. Thanks!
UPDATE: We've added new cities: Denver, San Diego, Madrid. Stay up to date, soon we will put in other cities and other stores.