Weed Ipsum

Dank text generator for the cannabiseur.

Like most designers these days, you've probably found yourself working on a website for a cannabis startup or the packaging for a new line of CBD cough drops recently. Weed Ipsum generates on demand weed-focused placeholder text for all your stony projects.
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Happy 4/20 😎
Last year, I was hired to work on two weed-related web projects. Each time, durning the design process, it came time to show mockups of our work but as is typically the case, the final copy wasn't ready yet. So, I searched for a text generator with a cannabis focus that I could use as dummy copy but was surprised to see that none existed. I expressed my frustration to my friend and development partner on that project, Tyler, and he said he had run into the very same problem and had too marveled at how nothing satisfactory existed. So we decided to fix that. As a gift to the weed-designers of the world in advance of 4/20 we give you, Weed Ipsum. Enjoy!
I feel like you made this especially for me. Thank you :)
I didn’t realize this is what I needed until right now. Currently working on two cannabis projects for clients, and this is awesome. Happy 4/20
@acdye Glad you find it useful!