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Hey everyone, Dan (Co-founder/CPO) of Weebly (www.weebly.com) here. We’re really excited about this launch. Weebly is now a complete platform to power a business online, with beautiful websites, eCommerce, and email marketing all under one roof. In case you haven’t heard of us, we’ve been building strong for 9 years after YC 2007. Over 40M people have created their site or online store with Weebly -- 325M people around the world and 50% of the US population visit these businesses every month. Here are some of the cool things related to this launch: - The eCommerce platform has been significantly upgraded, with things like real-time shipping (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL integrations), abandoned carts, gift cards, a re-built tax & shipping engine, a new store front & checkout, bulk editing and power seller features, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. - We’ve put a ton of care into bringing all of the pieces together (websites, eCommerce, email marketing) in a super integrated and seamless way. Check out, for example, how you can customize all of the store emails with Weebly Promote (email marketing), when you send out an email campaign you can automatically track sales generated from that email, how we automatically import and create smart groups -- like frequent customers who haven’t purchased recently -- or how we will even recommend pre-created emails based on actions you take adding new products, putting products on sale, etc. - Check out the apps for iOS and Android. On the Design side, we worked hard to really simplify the experience, removing editor controls as much as possible so the customer can focus on building their website or managing key data on the go. On the engineering side, we were able to build a live, fast editing experience in native UI that ultimately renders down to a slow WebView behind the scenes (no one else that we’re aware of has been able to pull this off like this). - Here are some of the cool new themes: https://highpeak-theme.weebly.com, https://urbandine-business.weebl..., https://verticals-business-slick..., https://jaysims-oasis-merch.weeb..., https://oikos-test.weebly.com Our ultimate goal is to create a platform that small to medium creators of all kinds can use so they can focus on doing what they love, and less on the business of running their business. The online side of starting and growing your business should be a whole lot easier. That’s the dream, this is the first big step in that direction. Happy to answer any questions and would love your feedback!
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@dan_veltri Fantastic announcement. I have been a Weebly power user for the past 5 years and consistently blown away by each of the major updates. The high peak theme is incredible, literally breathtaking. This isn't something you would expect could be built using a drag and drop editor until now. Weebly inspired me as someone with a non-technical background to build websites and start various small businesses in the process over the years. Most recently I launched NoCode (www.nocode.tech) in Beta, which is a curated list of tools and resources for non-techs, which features Weebly of course. Keep the great work up!
@dan_veltri I've been following you guys for years. I'm am (was) the founder of TypeRoom (typeroom.com) which was released right around the same time as Weebly (2007/8). Turns out we were just a few degrees off. You guys nailed it, and continue to do so! Weebly is my go-to system for all side-projects, friend-projects, pro-bono projects and more. I've referred many paying customers your way and will continue to do so. It provides the right amount of constraint for a non-technical user with just enough access for a someone technical to get under the hood. With this release, this could be a contender for larger systems and business that want a more integrated system. Definitely a huge step up for the small business site. As for feedback, I would love to have a slightly more polished experience in the HTML/CSS theme editor. Mainly, a better code-search feature - one that lets me find the next occurrence of a string. A hyper-dev'esque editing experience would be out of this world (https://hyperdev.com)..especially if it were somehow possible to safely provide execution contexts on the back-end : ) Also, I've had a few clients / friends request video background headers. Mainly, I want to say congratulations for great execution of a great idea with great timing. Keep up the great work!
@dan_veltri Is there ever going to happen anything close to a "related posts" or "recommended posts" plugin so bloggers who use weebly can also benefit from engaging their visitors to stay on their blog? hardly missed and already voted on the request list but it seems nobody cares for a feature that is a must-have for bloggers nowadays and so standard on any other kind of blogging software. Would be happy to get some response on this. Thanks!
@dan_veltri Weebly cutomer here.....great update. Looks like I'll have work to do this weekend and upgrade my theme for my site Baybayin.com
@dan_veltri I love the mission. Small creator myself. Currently investigating whether this will work price/feature-wise for my sites.
Great news. This platform is one of my favorites. I also want to develop this kind of platform that can attract the users. I am an app developer but never tried for game development. I want to do it. Can anyone give me suggestion which kind of app I should make? I have developed lots of apps with multiple functionalities. I have developed them with app development platforms such as Configure.IT, Phonegap, Telerik etc. I like ConfigureIT the most because of the unique features of this platform such as, => Cross Platform Native App Development Tool => No Coding required, just drag & drop => Direct API Connect => No need to design UI, you can import .PSD file directly for UI Purpose => A large numbers of templates to choose an attractive design To know a list of other features visit, http://www.configure.it/platform...
That FedEx integration might get me on board! Thnks for the update.
Out of many web design solutions out there, Weebly is probably one of the easiest to handle. With WIX's drag and drop editor, you can go into more detailed website's personalization, positioning each and every element but with Weebly and it's mobile responsive designs it is probably much easier to create simple websites. In picksaas, we really liked the simple way it works and the quality of templates' design is really high.