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Hey PHers! We’re Wedivite and we’re trying to change the wedding world by saving couples a lot of money, rescuing some trees and making the wedding planning process a lot more fun & stress-free. Some of our features include a social wedding album, a social song list suggested by wedding guests, gift registries, RSVP, one touch directions through GMaps / Waze and a live wedding slideshow that is updated in real-time. And now for the interesting fact of the day! :) While running a survey with our couples, we found out that 41% of brides changed their Facebook relationship status only 3 hours (!!!) after being proposed, 11% did it after 30 mins. Shocking?
I really love all the offerings you put up with this service. Going into it thinking it only did Invites left me surprised but I might have passed it up not knowing it covered all those services. Slick site and I would have immediately used this when I got married. I got married in 2012 and used all the services you listed in separate services and implementations. One thing I'm really curious about is what option is there for people that are not connected in? I really feel there needs to be an option for the older generations and luddites. We created a wonderful Wedding Registry for people to fund items on our honeymoon, out of 300 people only 2 used it. The link was on our invite, I was so bummed. We did have people share photos with our hashtag and they were pulled in by an app but it was really only 12 years - 33 years old that used it. Without going on and on about my experience, my question is, how does your service take into account not everyone is connected, nor ever will be?
@webaddict Hey Joel, thank you for taking the time to review us and give feedback! One of my goals was consolidating all these services you mentioned under one easy-playful interface for couples. Wedding planning is "a bit" stressful so I thought UI was one of the most important things to focus on. Regarding your experience, I'm afraid like all great inventors, you were ahead of your time :) I can assure you that the problems you had in 2012, are not the same today. The older guests are more tech-savvy, mainly because they started carrying smartphones. We actually beta tested the app for a long time with many different types of guests and none of our couples ever complained about older guests having trouble with it. On the contrary, they were actually very surprised that they really liked it :) With that said, to answer your question, we also have a printable QR code for couples that just want to extend their paper invitation, thus still reaching older guests with the option to RSVP the "old-school way" if needed. Apart from that, when you invite guests with Wedivite you can see exactly who opened your invite and didn't RSVP yet, which makes it more easier to ping the unresponsive guest with an SMS / Whatsapp or an Email (also from Wedivite). Also, I'd be happy to hear any suggestions you might have for us!
@novakben Thank you for taking the time to give more background and information. Glad the beta went very well. I will certainly be recommending this to a few couples I know going through their wedding planning process. In fact, last night at a happy hour we had a nearly 20 minute conversation about your service and I was impressed how quickly your service moved to the top of the list of their solutions. Thanks again for more information, I'll be keeping an eye on your success and recommending your service at every chance. :P
@webaddict It's so great to hear :) Thanks!
Really slick idea and great landing page by @novakben
Guess I've got to get divorced now, so I can give this a try ;) Seriously looks great though, and will share with my wife who was a product manager for a number of years at Japan's biggest wedding planning directory magazine/app in Japan
@benwtnb Hehehe that would be amazing! Thanks :)
Getting married and giving this a try! Looks awesome!