Wedding planning app and vendor marketplace.

WeddingLovely is a free online wedding planning app application that walks you through planning your wedding and connects you with excellent local planners, photographers, and other wedding vendors.

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Thanks Tyler! A few years back I had the idea for WeddingLovely and went through the whole, "I don't know how to code so I'll find a cofounder" thing — which was a disaster. So I taught myself Python and made a super simple wedding invitation designer directory... which (three years later) led to WeddingLovely, which is the planning guide linked, as well as nine different wedding vendor directories (, and a bunch more.) Went through 500 Startups but decided to bootstrap rather than raise money since the wedding industry is brutal and I wanted to grow slowly and keep my values. Still a solo founder but have several part-timers working with me, and WeddingLovely is ramen-profitable. The redesign and rewritten is my biggest project to date — I'm super excited about it. :) Thanks everyone, happy to answer any questions!
@limedaring just announced WeddingLovely 2.0 on Twitter so I wanted to beat her to the punch by posting it here. BAM. I'll let Tracy tell the story of WeddingLovely because it's pretty cool much like its founder.
The thought of researching all of this on my own has justified putting off planning for about a year now, so having helpful things to read all in one place is great. Wedding planning is overwhelming otherwise. At the same time, I almost wish there was a "wizard"/questionnaire to walk through because while the resources are helpful, the lack of a checklist or "order" really adds to the stress levels. Tips like "plan your rehearsal dinner 2 months in advance" seem to hint at the larger benefits of incorporating an ordered checklist of some kind. Progress indicators would really encourage brides/grooms to not walk away and avoid this, but of course people don't procrastinate on wedding planning heh heh heh... Just my two cents.
Thanks Christine! Funny, they're actually in order (things you should do early are at the top of the left sidebar list), and I used to have even more indications of this — used to be separated by "do now" "overdue" and "do later". I got feedback that this was overwhelming, so I took it out in exchange for this more simple approach. Did you happen to see in the left sidebar, there is a "Checklist" at the top? That page gives the full overview of all the typical things people do for a wedding, with links to the individual planning pages. That was my compromise, but maybe it's too hidden now. I'll keep poking at it, and thanks for the feedback! :)
I'm not sure why I completely missed the checklist (prob read the dashboard bullet points and then skipped straight to major tasks), but mapping all of the bullet points to specific months I should get these things done is such a huge burden off my shoulders already. Looking forward to using this product and seeing how it evolves ^_^