Manage office visitors and guests

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This reminds me of SignwithEnvoy I love these products. I think they add real value for business AND can also actually decrease overall expenses, to the extent you can leverage admins better or not have as many on staff...
@JeremyZ123, thanks Jeremy! We have been and continue to work hard at building a product that helps businesses decrease spending and apply energy towards tasks that matter.
@JeremyZ123 Well said, sir. We couldn't agree with you more!
Over the past several months I have worked alongside my awesome team at Weckey and since we went live last July - Weckey has saved businesses over 40,000 hours in time and captured valuable data at the front desk. Weckey is changing the way office admins, executive assistants, receptionists and sales people do their jobs.
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I'm not sure if this is a clone of Envoy (the pricing packages seem identical); but Envoy is the product that I've been seeing getting traction, used in many offices that I've visited including: Coin; LEAP Motion; Vungle (disclaimer: I told Vungle to get it)
@_jacksmith - you're correct in seeing Envoy look very similar to Weckey. We launched in July and they came out in September with very similar pricing to ours. They reminded us a lot of us too. We're happy to see them in the space, because it helps us all grow awareness that there's a real need for a product like Weckey. The problems in the lobby experience haven't started seeing solutions until today & we're happy to be in the space with everyone else that's trying change that.