WeChat mini programs

Tencent launches ‘mini programs’ for WeChat

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Desmond Lim
Desmond LimHunter@desmond_lim · Harvard | MIT grad, Product @WeChat
Hello everyone! You may have heard of it - Tencent takes on the App Store with launch of ‘mini programs’ for WeChat. Tencent, the $240 billion Chinese internet giant, introduced its take on mobile apps — apps within WeChat, its blockbuster chat app with 846 million monthly users. Tencent launched a beta program for the apps last year, and they are essentially more-basic, stripped-down versions of iOS and Android apps that downloaded instantly, and run and can be stored within WeChat. I think it will be interesting for the Product Hunt community to take a look at the latest development of WeChat with their mini programs, so I'm posting here for you to take a look :) https://techcrunch.com/2017/01/0...