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I signed up and used this product, and to be honest, it was not dramatically different from any of the other similar tools. I didn't see in any way how someone could call it game-changing or that designers are going to be salivating. It was pretty limiting, to be honest. Nearly all of the gushing comments are from posters in Israel, while this is also a Tel Aviv company. I'm not damning an entire country here, but I mean, come on Product Hunt... Reddit, Hacker News, other sites can pretty easily identify voting circles and gamed mechanics to give a post a headstart for which it then carries itself just based on group dynamics and momentum. I've been seeing this a lot lately and really wonder if Product Hunt even cares?
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@cotagonist I'm an investor in webydo, I think that the main differences are: 1. Webydo is a difm (do it for me) product when wix and squarespace are diy products. It shows in the tools and strategy and not only a slogan. Webydo allows you to manage an agency with their platform on top of great features like parallax that no other product offers. 2. Finishing level. Together with squarespace (there amazing too) there leading the market by far in terms of the design and tiny beautiful details. It's never what you do and it's always how you do it. Btw - diy is only 3% of the U.S. market (20b a year) while 20% is internally and 77% is difm. Yet there's no big player in the field other then Wordpress. Food for thought.
@cotagonist yes, I could recommend this to people that can't afford our agency, but I don't see this changing the way we do business at all. There's so many solutions out there already in this space -- https://www.getapp.com/website-e... -- that this is nothing game changing at all. Vote brigading is a real growth strategy to people these days... Sad.
@cotagonist Appreciate your feedback. I'll be happy to receive an email from you (yam@webydo.com), detailing what exactly you experienced while trying Webydo and why you think it's 'limited'. As I see it, the web is a creative medium that need to be led by creative people. I also can't understand why designers are at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to creating sites. Recent studies shows that when creating a site, 70% of the budget goes to a developer while the remaining goes to a designer. I believe that the code process can be automated somehow, while you can never automate the design. Webydo is not here to take off the developer out of the equation. We can't make Webydo what it is without our amazing engineers, developers, front end developers, etc. The thing is that developers have their own independent solutions like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal while designers have nothing. Webydo liberates designers as far as it relates to knowing how to code or from working with developers who will code for them. Moreover, and this is the fun part, Webydo empowers these professional creatives to create their own web design empires or to extend their agency's service scope by providing a full B2B solution - White label, integrated, robust CMS, direct client billing, a dashboard where you can manage 1,000s of sites and clients and many other B2B features that no other code-free web design platform offers. As for the country issue, I don't really see any issue here. People from our country appreciate local efforts and this is a natural, organic behavior. Just like you're a fan of your local soccer or basketball team. Looking foreword to your email. (yam@webydo.com)
Awesome awesome team and product! Big fan!
@hilzfuld Thanks Hillel!!
These guys are really changing the game for designers. Big fan of their product. Keep up the great work Webydo. @yamre would love to hear whats new with this release and where you see this going.
Thanks @benln We are thrilled to have launched the entirely revamped product and website - and obviously stoked to be on Product Hunt! I am here for any questions you guys might have!
@benln this is a really interesting space that seems to be heating up. Checkout QueueCode, Bubble.is for similar companies
I've been seeing a lot of buzz online about Webydo and their team lately. These guys are really changing the way that designers create websites.
@aaronzakowski Thanks, Aaron!
Totally game changing product for web designers / developers. Great team, great platform. This company is going places.
@dforman9 Cheers, Dani!