#3 Product of the DayApril 07, 2016
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How exciting it is to witness WebRTC open the door to such great apps like this one!
@ugumu We're excited too!
Tried it out and the interface is fantastic. I appreciate that it flawlessly works with Chromecast too.
@mrapierce Cheers! Glad you love it <3
@mrapierce I'm glad someone mentioned the chrome cast! I'll definitely check it out now.
Awesome! And even better news is that it supports Chromecast. Thanks for this!
What uses are you imagining for the browser torrent client? I played around with the demo html page and am now wondering what it can be used for.
@guy Imagine a video site like YouTube, where visitors help to host the site's content. The more people that use a WebTorrent-powered website, the faster and more resilient it becomes. Browser-to-browser communication cuts out the middle-man and lets people communicate on their own terms. No more client/server – just a network of peers, all equal. WebTorrent is the first step in the journey to redecentralize the Web. One of the most exciting uses for WebTorrent is peer-assisted delivery. Non-profit projects like Wikipedia and the Internet Archive could reduce bandwidth and hosting costs by letting visitors chip in. Popular content is served browser-to-browser, quickly and cheaply. Rarely-accessed content is served reliably over HTTP from the origin server. There are also exciting business use cases, from CDNs to app delivery.
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@feross sounds interesting. Can't wait to see what people do with it for actual use
I gave it a go and must say it is beautifully designed - very excited!